Conn 10M 'Transitional' Tenor Saxophone

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From the C.G Conn New Wonder Saxophone Catalogue ca. 1934

Second in popularity to only the alto, the tenor is winning an increasingly important place in all types of musical performance. What it lacks in brightness of the alto, it makes up for in depth, fullness, and sympathetic tonal coloring. This model possess a peculiar excellence due to an ideal combination of reed, mouthpiece, size, taper and length of tubing. Its scale is exceptionally smooth and flexible and it speaks with surprising quickness and ease. Unusually good is the quality of certain notes which give trouble on other tenors. Both musically and mechanically it is well nigh a perfect instrument. The Conn tenor has always enjoyed a unique reputation for unusual excellence and with recent improvements and refinements in mechanism, it is winning even greater prestige. Many exclusive, patented features. Used by America's greatest orchestra and band artists

Although it would be hard to pinpoint the last time someone used a Conn to play orchestral music in the modern age, the love and devotion players have to Conn saxophones has only grown in the past century. This particular Transitional 10M exceeds the highly regarded reputation players have for Conn tenors. Boasting a brand new full mechanical overhaul, this tenor is ready to play, ready to last and is ready to find a new home where it will be played for another century or more. The lacquer is original and the construction of this instrument is as solid as you could hope for in a horn.  The only thing to think about is not "should" you buy this horn, but "when" will you buy it. The answer is now.



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