King Zephyr Baritone Saxophone

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From the New King Zephyr Saxophone Catalogue:

A new and improved feature is the adjustable mouth pipe. This can be tuned to meet any playing position, with the assurance that the octave keys will always function properly. The upper ocatve key works on a cam shaped key in connection with the automatic register. This group of keys is of a new design, face and accurate.

The bore, shape and tone holes of the Mouth pipe have been changed to produce a large tone and easy playing in the lower register to harmonize with the middle and upper register.

The design and lay of the high D, D-sharp, E and F keys is the same as on the King alto and Tenor Saxophones. The new designed keys of these models are built to fit the hand properly for easy and fast action.

No Saxophone choice is complete without the baritone. It is the bass of that choir, as established by Antoine Sax, himself. The baritone is alwo widely used in bands to partially replaced the somewhat heavier brass baritone is also widely used in bands to partically replace the somewhat heavier brass bass. And is has a definite place in all modern orchestras.

The King Baritone Saxophone has a tone that is abundant in volume, rich in coloring and mellow in character. Each note is full and well-rounded. Intonation is perfect and tune accurate. Careful design and skilled workmanship insure ease of playing and freedom from key clatter. Response is unusually rapid.

Through its sheer superiority in design and in rapidity of action the King Baritone Saxophone is ideally adapted to solo playing. This Baritone is a thoroughly good saxophone and truly worthy of your playing.

Finish: Silver plated
Body/Bell Materials: Yellow Brass
Neck Materials: Yellow Brass
Instrument Weight: 9 lbs
Manufactured in: USA
Key Options: Low Bb
Ergonomics: Vintage American
Resonators: Original
Special Features:
Case: Not Included
Mouthpiece: Not Included
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