Bob Reeves Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Each Bob Reeves Brass trumpet mouthpiece is handcrafted the same way we have been making them for over 50 years. These designs developed to meet exacting standards needed by the top studio, orchestral, and jazz players that have come through our shop. All models are screw-rim with your choice of rim, cup, backbore, and shank style. All mouthpieces come standard silver plated.


Rim Sizes (smallest diameter to largest):

40 - 40/64", .625", 15.875mm, 10-1/2C Mt. Vernon
41 - 41/64", .641", 16.28mm, 7C Mt. Vernon
42 - 42/64", .656, 16.66mm, 3C Elkhart
43 - 43/64", .672", 17.09mm, 3C, Shew Jazz
43N - 43/64", .672", 17.09mm, 2-1/2C
43W - 43/64", .672", 17.09mm, 3CW
43.5 - 43.5/64", .680", 17.27mm, 1-1/2C, 5C

Cup Shapes (shallowest to deepest):

ES - Extra shallow bowl
SV - Shallow "V"
S - Shallow bowl
M - Medium bowl
D - Medium-deep "V"
C - Medium-deep bowl
B - Deep bowl

Backbore Shapes (smallest to largest):

692sL - Extreme upper register use, very efficient
692s - Great lead backbore and for use on open horns
2 (standard) - Versatile with excellent tone color and intonation
69 - Commercial backbore. Great for recording with bright, focused sound
692 - Darker, broader sound than 69
s - Symphonic backbore with opulent, teutonic sound
X - Large broad sound that works great in rotary trumpets

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